Roster sizes consist of:

  • 22 players from kickoff of the yearly Thursday night NFL (first) game through the end of the regular NFL season.

  • 26 players from March 15 until kickoff of the yearly Thursday night NFL (first) game.

Franchises do not have to carry this number of players on their rosters.  These are only 'maximums'.  Owners may have any combination of player positions.  Players that are "cut" or waived for cut down day or any other purpose must be done by individual owners on the TUFF web site. 

Multi Position Players:

Multi-positional players will be assigned their position according to the respective NFL teams web site.  If said web site has more than one position posted for that player the commissioner and/or league will determine players position.

Starting Lineups:

Each week, a starting lineup must be submitted composed of the following player positions.  An owner that does not submit a starting lineup for a particular week will have their lineup from the previous week started (including byes).  If an owner fails to submit a lineup for a playoff game, that owner will receive zero points for the week.  Additionally, if that playoff game affects a draft position for the following year, the tardy owner receives the lowest (worst) possible draft position pertaining to that head to head match up.

1 Quarterback
2 Running Backs
3 Wide Receivers
1 Tight End
1 Kicker


Lineups must be submitted via the league web page. The lineup deadline is kickoff of each NFL players respective game.  The commissioner will not check lineups or point out illegal lineups.  This is the owner’s responsibility.


Touchdowns-Rushing and Receiving


Touchdowns-Special Teams*




Conversion-2 pt. rush


Conversion-2pt. pass


Conversion-2pt. rec.


Extra Point


Field Goals (up to 49 yards)


Field Goals (50 + yards)


Passing Yards (.025 per yard)

1 point per 40 yards

Each 300 yards passing 2

Rushing Yards (.05 per yard)

1 point per 20 yards

Each 100 yards rushing 2

Receiving Yards (.05 per yard)

1 point per 20 yards

Each 100 yards receiving 2

2 Receptions


8 Rushing Attempts


8 Completions


Interception Thrown


*Individual Scoring that may occur on Special Teams

If any player in a starting lineup scores in any fashion, that owner and player is credited with the score.

Tie Breakers:                                                               

During the regular season, games may end in a tie.  During the playoffs, the tiebreakers are as follows:
1. Total points scored by starting QB and RB's in head to head playoff game
2. Head to head record during regular season
3. Total points scored during the regular season
4. Coin Flip  
Tiebreaker for determining division champions and order of finish in standings will be decided by:
1. Total points scored during the regular season
2. Best division record
3. Head to head record
4. Coin flip
Tiebreaker for wildcard berths, and playoff byes (when the East and West division winners within a conference tie for best record) will be decided by:
1. Head to head record
2. Total points scored during the regular season  
3. Best division record
4. Coin flip
Tiebreaker for draft position and TUFF Sh** Bowl (positions 1-10) will be decided by:
1. Head to head record (team with worst head to head record gets higher or better draft position)
2. Total points scored during regular season (team with fewer number of points gets higher or better draft position)
3. Coin flip (team winning coin flip gets higher or better draft position) 


Each team will play 14 regular season games, two each against the three teams in their own division, one game against the four other teams within the conference, and four more games against teams in the other conference.  Week 1 will feature a head to head doubleheader for each team.


The weeks of 14-16 will be used for playoffs and the TUFF Sh** Bowl. The division winners with the best record in each conference will receive a bye in Week 14 while the other division winners will face the wildcard teams (remaining best record).  The winners advance to play the "bye" teams in Week 15 while the losers play for 5th and 6th place.  In Week 16, the winners meet (AFC vs. NFC) for the TUFF Championship and the losers meet for 3rd place.  The TUFF Sh** Bowl is for the "top 8 " remaining teams that do not make the playoffs.  The schedule in Week 14 features 1 vs. 8,  4 vs. 5, 3 vs. 6, and 2 vs. 7.  The winners then meet in Week 15 followed by the TUFF Sh** Bowl Championship in Week 16.  There is no re-seeding.  The two teams with the worst records during the regular season do not participate due to "time constraints" (not enough weeks) and imbalanced bracketing.  The TUFF Sh** Bowl results have no bearing on the next years draft order.                             

Rookie Draft:

Each year after the NFL draft has been held, a rookie draft will be held.  This rookie draft will consist of 4 rounds after which the remainder of non drafted rookies will be considered free agents. The draft order will be based on team performance from the previous year. Any player coming out of college will be considered eligible for this rookie draft regardless whether they were drafted in the NFL draft. All rounds of this rookie draft will be in reverse order of finish; not serpentine.  The TUFF Rookie draft will not start until all league fees have been received by the commissioner.

The Rookie Draft will be held in May with 24 hours allowed for each draft pick.  If/when the 24 hours lapse on a pick the pick is forfeited.  Expired/forfeited picks can not be traded.

The order of the draft will be determined by:

1. Non playoff teams with draft position tie breakers used for ties.

2. Playoff teams ranked in order of outcome. (winning teams will receive the higher or better draft choice except for the championship game winner)

Trading of future picks is allowed not to exceed current season plus 2 future years. 

NFL Supplemental Draft:  Any college player foregoing college eligibility and entering the NFL Supplement Draft cannot be bid on by a TUFF franchise until the NFL's Supplemental Draft has been completed.

Free Agents:

Any player that is not on a roster will be considered a free agent. Teams may sign free agents at any time during the regular season.  The yearly deadline for free agent bidding is kickoff of the first game of Week 16. Any bids prior to kickoff of Week 16 are still valid even though bidding may extend beyond the deadline.

A money system is used for signing free agents. On March 1 of each year each team will be assigned 100 money units called TUFFS.  To sign a free agent, the team owner must submit an offer via the bid form web page stating the player desired and the amount of money allocated for their possible signing. Any team may exceed the current offer for the player. A player is signed if any offer goes for 24 hours without a raise** (24 hours from the time of the last bid).  Teams must have sufficient TUFFS in their account to bid for and acquire free agents.  If any team continues to bid on a free agent that exceeds their TUFF account, that team will be penalized $ 50 or any remaining TUFFS in said teams account if the balance is lower than $ 50.

Once the bidding on any free agent closes, the signing team is debited the amount of the bid from its total money and gains the service of the player. Any team which signs a free agent during the off season or regular season and as a result exceeds the roster limit must, within 24 hours, cut a player to maintain the limit.  Failure to make the necessary roster cut or cuts will result in the player being declared a free agent once again and that franchise losing the TUFF bid for that player.  The commissioner will add all free agents via the league web site.  Individual owners must drop their own players from the web site.

Players must be signed by kick off time of that particular players game in order to be eligible to be started that particular week. A player is not eligible to be started until required roster cuts are made.

Excess TUFF balances will be carried over to subsequent seasons. 

**During the off-season and until kickoff of the first preseason game, the time limit for bids is extended to 72 hours rather than 24 hours.


Trades will be allowed at any time during the off season as well as the regular season up to and including week #13 (kickoff of the Week 13 Monday night game).

A trade that involves any players (starters or non starters) from a Thursday or Saturday game after kickoff of said NFL game will not be processed by the commissioner until the week is complete on Monday night.  (the trade can be approved by the owners at any time.  However keep in mind potential injuries during said games and the potential pitfalls of such.  Once the trade is approved by both owners the trade is final. However it will not be processed until Monday night). 

Trading of future draft picks may not exceed the current year plus two years into the future. Owners may also trade TUFF money.  "Contingent" trades are not allowed.

Owners involved in a trade must enter the trade via the league web site and all trades will be finalized/processed by the commissioner. 

Any owner can petition the league for a vote on a trade by contacting the commissioner.  If more than 8 owners object to a trade, it will be nullified.  The commissioner reserves the right to reject a trade if it is not in the best interests of the league.  

End of Year:

Each team will keep each and every player that they had at the end of the season. They may trade, cut, draft or sign players as they wish.  


1st Place

$ 425.00
2nd Place $ 325.00
3rd Place $ 225.00
4th Place $ 175.00
5th Place $ 150.00
6th Place $ 125.00
TUFF Sh** Bowl Winner $ 100.00
My Fantasy League Web Site Expense $ 70.00
Postage and Handling Expense $ 5.00
Entry Fee-$ 100.00 each (16 owners) $ 1600.00


While these rules try to cover all circumstances, situations will arise that will make it necessary to amend these rules. The commissioner will make decisions when necessary.  Our source for resolving disputes is the league and/or commissioner.  Any decision of the league/commissioner is final.  

Should a scoring dispute/error occur, it must be brought to the attention of the commissioner prior to Wednesday, 11:59 p.m. (central time) of the current week.  Once this deadline has passed, the previous week is official and "in the books".  Additionally scoring changes may be made on a weekly basis by the Elias Sports Bureau per the My Fantasy League web site on either Wednesday or Thursday of the following week of the NFL games.  These changes will be applied to TUFF and could affect outcomes.